Why Online Learning?

Online education: Essential tools for educational and vocational success have been available to the world through online learning. Individuals like me, who live in small towns and only have access to a local community college, would not have been able to receive a quality Christian education before the online programs were established.

Why Christian Education?

Christian education: Christians are constantly at battle with our old selves or ourselves before we were saved. Our old selves want us to forget about Christ so we can go about living in this world and enjoying all the perks that come with an unrighteous lifestyle. An education with a Christian foundation will provide students the focus to resist temptation and ensure that glory is given to the Lord.

Why Adult Education?

Adult education: Going back to school after many years off can be challenging. However, several there are several reasons to go for it. The brain is a muscle and must be worked like any other muscle in the body or it will atrophy. Also, God calls people to different vocations at different parts of their lives and therefore continued education may be necessary to obtain the skills required to fulfill that calling.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Be an Advocate

Why Be an Advocate:

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  1. Hello! If You are interested in help of persecuted Christians, I have big request: copy this link: http://somalisforjesus.blogspot.com/2011/08/christian-genocide-in-somalia.html - this is article about actual genocide of Christians in Somalia, in East Africa. This barbaric practice should be seen on the full light. I translated it on my blog to Polish language and sent this link in English and in Polish to my friends. We all pray for Christians in Somalia, You can do it too. This blogger told me, that the more people will know about it, the better it will.
    Sorry, if my English isn't perfect.
    Heartly greetings from South Poland.

  2. Hello Zim. I have heard about his and there are people trying to help stop the senseless violence against Christians and non-Christians in Africa. I will take a look at the blog. Christians are martyred all over the world for their faith. The spread of Islamic radicals across northern Africa has hurt so many people. Through faith in Christ we will overcome.